Science, technologies, innovations (STI) № 2(2) 2017, 45-52 p


Kiriukhin M. M. — PhD in Physics and Mathematics, Senior Researcher, president of Union of Scientific and Engineering Associations of Ukraine, 21, Sichovikh Striltsiv Str., Kyiv, Ukraine; +38 (044) 272-42-85;


Abstract. This article focuses on participation of international and national technical associations in the system of independent assessment of engineer qualification. The most authoritative international and national technical as sociations are listed in this review. The description of the most competent associations for independent accreditation of engineering education, namely International Engineering Alliance and European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education (ENAEE) is also added. The situation with the implementation of European initiatives in Ukraine was described.

Keywords: non-governmental organizations, certification of engineers, qualification assessment, accreditation, quality assurance.

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