Science technology innovation №2(6) 2018, 54-60 p


Rishan O. Y. — PhD in Engineering, Associate Professor, National University of food Technologies, 68, Volodymyrska Str., Ukraine, 01601; +38(044)546-59-08; rishan/

Andriyuk I. V. — student, National University of food Technologies Department of Integrated Automated Control Systems, 68, Volodymyrska Str., Kyiv, Ukraine, 01601;


Abstract. The article presents the results of development and investigation of the linearization method and increasing of measurements accuracy of when converting analog signals of primary measuring transducers with conversion characteristics in the form of a sinusoid or cosine wave to the relaxation frequency of an RC oscillator. A block scheme of the device implementing the method is shown. The essence of the linearization method lies in the fact that with simultaneous proportional transformation of an algebraic difference between the input sinusoidal (cosine) and the correcting cosine (sinusoidal) signals, an additional signal equal of magnitude to the square of the algebraic difference between the input and corrective signals is generated. In this case, due to a change of a voltage level of the capacitors charge, the inversely proportional control of the generator’s relaxation frequency is performed by a signal that is equal to the difference between the sample signal equal to the sum of the squares of the incoming and corrective signals and 0.107 of the value of the additional signal.

Keywords: linearization of output analog signals of primary measuring converters, conversion characteristics of the form of sinusoids or cosine waves, error of nonlinearity, relaxation frequency of RC generator.

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