Science, Technologies, Innovations №4(24) 2022, 94-101 p


Salifova Tarana Shahvalad — Leading Research Fellow, The Economic Scientific Research Institute of the Ministry of Economy of the Azerbaijan Republic, H. Zardabi 196, Baku, Azerbaijan; +994 (50) 443-48-33;; ORCID: 0000-0003-1147-1433


Abstract. Different approaches to the assessment of regional innovation activity were considered in the article. The characteristics of regional innovation activity were investigated. The regions of Azerbaijan were assessed in terms of propensity for innovation activity based on a new methodological approach. The ranking of regions was determined based on indices of propensity to innovation activity. Proposals regarding the development of regional innovation activity have been presented.

Keywords: innovation activity, innovation potential, propensity for innovation activity, innovation infrastructure, rating evaluation.


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