Science, Technologies, Innovations №2(14) 2020


Problems of scientific and technological activities

Yehorov I.Yu. Scientific and technological development and new trends in education and employment  — 3–8  PDF

Glamazdin V.P., Melnyk O.V., Tonkogolosiuk V.M. Electricity sector development as a component of energy of Ukraine — 9–15  PDF

Innovative economy

Taner Shener Adnan oglu Methodological aspects of assessing  the innovative development of regions — 16–24  PDF

Bieliaieva N.S. Harmonization of the human resource audit in the field of international practice — 25–32  PDF

Intellectual property

Bohomazova V. M., Kvasha T. K. Analysis of the perspectives of the world scientific and technological areas of development in the transport sphere — 33–43  PDF

Paladchenko O. F., Molchanova I. V. Scientific metric analysis of the prospectivity of scientific and technological directions to limit greenhouse gas emissions — 44–53  PDF

Informational technologies

Reva O. M., Kamyshуn V. V., Borsuk S. P., Nevynitsyn A. V., Shulgin V. A. The classical criteria application for the decision­making uncertainty risk determination of the preferences system by the air traffic controllers on the characteristic errors hazards — 54–66  PDF

Punda O. O., Arziantseva D. A., Zakharkevych N. P. Organizational and legal basis of formation of the electronic system of healthcare in the conditions of medical reform — 67–73  PDF

Osadcha A. B.  Comparison of publication activity level in the medical field in Ukraine and  the countries of the worldActivities of higher education institutions in the technology transfer — 74–83  PDF