Science technology innovation №4(8) 2018, 46-57 p


Prudka O. V. — Senior Researcher of Ukrainian Institute of Scientific and Technical Expertise and Information, 180, Antonovycha Str., Kyiv, Ukraine, 03680; +38 (044) 521-09-67;; ORCID: 0000-0001-6562-260X


Anstract. The main factor of sustainable economic growth at the moment is competitiveness, based on the innovative activity of the real sector of the economy. The development of the national economy is increasingly determined by the updating of technologies; the development of new markets and organizational innovations (institutional innovations). Since the implementation of this program requires the development of mechanisms and tools to support the innovation activities of economic entities on the part of the state, it is necessary to study successful international experience. Especially valuable is the analysis of the experience of the development of organizational innovations, the use of which allows a significant advance in the field of innovation and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the real sector of the economy and the national economy as a whole. The article shows an overview of Chilean state science, technology and innovation policy of using the “national innovation system” (NIS) as a starting point. The dynamics of changes in key indicators characterizing the development of NIS is also showed. It shows the evolution of the Chilean NIS, based on the development of new and improved existing official documents and regulations defining the main directions of sustainable innovative development of the country. It is concluded that Chile’s economy needs business development and innovation to make the transition from the production and export model of natural resources to an economic model based on its own technological advances.

Keywords: Chile, national innovation system, innovative policy.

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