Science, Technologies, Innovations №1(13) 2020, 27-31 p


Nazarenko I. I. — Doctor of Science in Engineering, Professor, Head of the Department of Kyiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Povitroflotsky Ave., 31, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03037; +38 (044) 241-55-48;; ORCID: 0000-0002-1888-3687


Abstract. The problems of preparation of specialists and determination of ways of ensuring correspondence of the content and methods of obtaining education to the needs and challenges of development of the Ukrainian economy are considered. Based on a thorough and systematic analysis of existing education systems, their advantages and disadvantages are identified. A block diagram of a unified educational institution with a single end-to-end training program is offered to obtain a world-class professional qualification. Implementing such a system will open up new opportunities for improving the effectiveness of education through. Creating a systematic (cluster) approach to learning using structurally — logical schemes of course formation.

Keywords: education, accreditation levels, integrated educational institutions, end-to-end program, structural and logical circuits, cluster.


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