Science, technologies, innovations (STI) № 2(2) 2017




Problems of scientific and technological activities

Parkhomenko O.V., Parkhomenko V.D. Information as a natural category and its relationship with knowledge — 3—9 PDF

Innovative economy

Kvasha T.K., Paladchenko O.F., Molchanova I.V. The role of normative and legal support in the formation and implementation of regional innovative priorities — 10—16 PDF

Huseinova A.D., Shukurova A.S., Huseinli A.T. Basics and analysis of innovative potential — 16—28 PDF

Intellectual property

Androshchuk H.O. Androshchuk H.O. Additive technology: prospects and challenges of 3D-print (Second part) — 29—36 PDF

Khomenko I.I., Shakhbazian K.S. Improvement of regulatory and institutional framework of academia-industry knowledge transfer: experience of Ukraine, EU and USA — 36—44 PDF

Problems of education and acreditation

Kiriukhin M.M.  Certification of engineers and accreditation of engineering programs. Participation of international and national technical associations — 45—52 PDF

Informational technologies

Hladun A.Ia., Khala K.O. Taxonomy of information security standards — 53—64 PDF

Rishan O.Y., Hura А.S. Development of the block diagram and method improve the accuracy of ultrasonic measurement device controls the width of the tape in the air — 64—69 PDF

Tarasov V.O., Nazarenko T.M., Zlochevska L.O. The device and stabilization of transfer control of movable elements 70—74 PDF