Science, Technologies, Innovations №3(11) 2019


Problems of scientific and technological activities

Parkhomenko V.D., Parkhomenko O.V., Seki S. Analysis of the peculiarities of post-industrial information-intellectual and socio-economic development — 3–10   PDF

Lositska T.I. State regulation of export activity — 11–21   PDF

Intellectual property

Dmytryshyn V.S. Building an intellectual property management system in a scientific institution. Experience of SIS “Scientific and practical center for preventive and clinical medicine” SAD — 22–28   PDF

Innovative economy

Khymenko О.А., Yehorov I.Yu. Some aspects of the management decision in the innovation activity of the entrepreneur  — 29–41   PDF

Balanchuk I.S. Development and formation of Denmark innovation system: statistical overview  — 42–53   PDF

Kvasha T.K., Paladchenko O.F., Molchanova I.V. State regulation of innovative activities by the way of financial support of innovative priorities — 54–61   PDF

Technology transfer

Melnyk-Melnykov P.H., Piatchanina T.V., Ohorodnyk A.M., Mazur M.H. Analysis of foreign tech transfer offices experience for the effective tech transfer system formation in the Ukrainian scientific institutions — 62–69   PDF

Informational technologies

Reva А.N., Kamyshin V.V., Nevynytsyn А.М., Shulhyn V.А. Differential method for establishing a comparative danger of air traffic controllers errors in professional activity — 70–82   PDF