Science, Technologies, Innovations №3(15) 2020


The development of a national innovation system

Fedulova S.O.  Organizational and financial instruments of infrastructure supply modernization  of regional water use — 3–9  PDF

Intellectual property

Androshchuk H.O., Kvasha T.K., Kovalenko O.V. Patent landscape as an instrument for forecasting world technological trends: transport system, rocket and space industry, aircraft and shipbuilding  — 10–24   PDF

Innovative economy

Berezniak N.V., Shabranska N.I. New trends in the development of scientific, technological and innovation policies of the world countries: the OECD vision — 25–33 PDF

Balanchuk I.S. The role of higher education institutions in the regional innovative ecosystems of Sweden — 33–43  PDF

Ovcharenko O.V., Naumenko N.Yu.  General definition of the concept “economic security of the region” by application of semantic analysis — 44–54  PDF

System analysis and decision making

Reva O.M., Kamyshуn V.V., Shulgin V.A., Nevynitsyn A.V. System analysis: the kemeny’s median as an optimization model of the preferences group system of air traffic controllers of the danger of the characteristic errors — 55–64  PDF

Parkhomenko V.D., Parkhomenko O.V.,Seki S. Energy paradigm as the basis of modern socio and economic development — 65–71  PDF

Problems of scientific and technological activities

Hasimov A.A. The development trend of the safety management system (sms) and the quality management system (qms), the formation of a unified corporate governance system in the “compliance management” format in the civil aviation — 72–76  PDF

Technology transfer

Melnyk-Melnykov P.H., Piatchanina T.V., Ohorodnyk A.N., Herasymchuk S.M.  To the question of ukrainian scientists searching for potential partners  in technology transfer — 77–83  PDF