Science, Technologies, Innovations №4(12) 2019



Problems of scientific and technological activities

Parkhomenko V.D., Parkhomenko O.V., Seki S. A systematic approach to understanding the essence of the post­industrial and intellectual economy — 3–10   PDF

Kiryukhin M.M. Top­-4 secrets for science literacy promotion — 11–15   PDF

Vavilina N.I. Training of scientific personnel as the basis for the formation of intellectual capital — 16–27   PDF

Intellectual property

Androshchuk H. O., Kvasha T. K. Patent landscape as a tool for forecasting world technological trends: arms and military equipment — 28–40   PDF

Innovative economy

Melnik­-Melnikov P.G., Piatchanina T.V., Ohorodnyk A.N. To the problem of rational search for investors by ukranian scientists, in particular among cor­porate venture funds in the biomedical field — 41–46   PDF

Gruzdova T. V. Adaptation of international public service digital indicators in ukraine’s health system: prob­lems and prospects — 47–52   PDF

Balanchuk I.S. Social innovation in traditional Norway: background and features — 53–59   PDF

Volosheniuk L.V., Hornostai N.I., Mykhalchenkova O.E. Innovative entrepreneurship as an effective mechanism of technology transfer in Israel — 60–67   PDF

Informational technologies

Huseynova Arzu Dogru gizi Electronic services development trends — 68–74   PDF

Chmyr E.S. Ecosystem development support for science, education and innovation — 75–84   PDF